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How to Write SOP for US University


The world had evolved, and everyone has the opportunity to utilize their potential to the fullest. As a result, there is a huge competition over admissions in premium universities in various countries. One such country is the United States. The country had been a dream of many for over a million years. To qualify for top-notch universities it had become necessary to submit different essays. One such is the statement of Purpose. The content of the essay varies according to the course, person, University, and country. Here, you will get a glance at SOP for USA universities. Statement of purpose is an essay that is demanded by universities abroad to know why you want to study at a particular university. In simple words, a statement of purpose is a reflection of the real you, the aspirations, ambitions, work experience, background, etc, mainly the aspects that motivated you to pursue this decision to join that particular college. A well-drafted statement of purpose is very necessary for admission at US universities because it helps you to stand out from the millions of applications they receive every academic year. It showcases the intensity of your ambition to learn that particular course from the university.

Structure of an SOP

SOP is not a random essay that can be written according to sudden thoughts. It requires proper planning and structure. Here you can get a detailed structure of what to write in each paragraph of an SOP. they are:

  1. First paragraph:

In the initial paragraph of the essay, it should consist of your introduction, and your industry introduction and let them know you have to pursue an undergrad or postgrad course from that university.

  1. Second paragraph:

Speak about your academic background, the skills you acquired, and the background that motivated you to pursue this major (this is only necessary if you have already completed your grad school)

  1. Third paragraph:

Describe your internships and academic projects.

  1. Fourth paragraph:

Speak about your research papers, achievements, extracurricular, and community activities.

  1. Fifth paragraph:

Write on “ why this course”. Describe what you expect from the course, the reason you want to major in it, and how it will help you.

  1. Sixth paragraph:

Elaborate on why this university. Speak about the student community, educational culture, professors you want to associate with, etc.

  1. Seventh paragraph:

This should consist of reasons to choose The United States and your plans after the course. It should comprise an option called to return to India. Here you should assert your intentions in the US are purely academic.

  1. Eight paragraphs:

This is a final statement for Your SOP where you want to conclude it.

Guidelines for Writing SOP for USA Universities

The statement of purpose which is popularly called a letter of intent or letter of motivation is demanded by every university in the United States. But the difference is that the guidelines vary according to the University. Here are a few common guidelines that are mostly asked for in an SOP: 

  • Language:  a well-drafted SOP is mainly in the English language which is free of grammar and type errors.
  • Font: times new roman
  • Size: 11 or 12
  • Length: the length of SOP varies according to the University and the course that you prefer. For example:
  • SOP for MS: 2 to 3 pages
  • SOP for MIT: 2 to 3 pages
  • Word limit: Generally, the word limit for SOPs is between 600 to 1500 words.
  • Spacing: it also varies according to the university. Some demand 1.0 or 2.0.

Tips to Draft the Perfect SOP

1. Gather all your information

Collect all this essential information:

  • Transcripts
  • Exchange semester
  • Projects
  • Extracurricular
  • Research topics
  • Online courses you attended.
  • CGPA
  • Certificates
  • Internships details

This gives you an idea to structure your Statement of purpose in order without any hustle.

2. Read some samples, but not copy them:

It is always better to read samples before you actually sit down to write SOPs because it will enable you to get a clear idea of how to do an SOP looks like. But never copy the exact document because everyone’s journey is different. So, as your SOPs are supposed to. It should be different and unique.


3. Lack of detail about career aspirations:

It is very necessary to provide the details of what you want to become once you are out of Grad- school. You need to convey your ideas like the companies you wish to join, positions you want to serve, your entrepreneurial ideas, etc. This is important for them to analyze whether you will be a perfect alumnus for them.

4. SOP is not a detailed version of your CV: 

It is not important to write about each and every experience you had. You need to provide information regarding those internships, projects, and research papers that are actually connected to your graduate program. Eg: If you are going to study human rights law, write about internships, projects, and papers related to NGOs, human rights, trafficking, etc.

5. Don’t list all the courses you did:

You might have done various courses before applying to grad – school. But remember only speak about the courses that are related to your course of study. Eg: in past, you might have taken courses on yoga or history but you are applying to graduation in political science. You need not speak about that two courses which don’t have any relevance here.

6. Usage of fancy jargon:  

As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t require making your SOP look exotic. The major aspect is to communicate yourself to the admission officers. It’s better to use simple, easy, and appropriate words for convenience. 

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While growing up in a middle-class background, I always witnessed various money management methods adopted by my mother to make the ends meet at home. Other than spending and earning money for our daily needs her expert skill in finance also helped us to build our own house with zero loans within a span of 1.5 years after my younger sister’s birth. My father being a bank officer, used to take me and my sister to his office on special days and I was always fascinated by the finance department and how they deal with the activities. And during my stage of adulting, my knowledge in finance really helped me to manage my income and expenses and also led me to invest in various stocks which were really rare among youths at that time. I used to spend a lot of time at my school and college library reading various business and finance magazines and research publications to broaden my knowledge in the world of finance. And this aspiration toward the subject is the sole reason why I wanted to pursue my master’s in finance from the prestigious franklin university.

Academic Background and Work Experience

I completed my schooling for 10th and 12th grade at st. Sebastian high school,chittathukara, Thrissur, and st. joseph HSS, pavaratty, Thrissur, and Kerala respectively. Later I completed my graduation in business administration in finance from Government arts and science college, Thrissur. Due to my ardent desire to learn more, I have also completed a diploma course in ERP (FICO) council for technical development continuing academic educational and scientific studies. After completing my undergrad studies I worked at smart logic computer and securities as a sales executive. Here I learned how to maintain accurate records, review sales performance, and work towards monthly or annual targets. All these contributions had really helped me to develop my skills and knowledge in this field.

Reason for Doing Master’s

Pursuing a master’s in the subject will surely help me to broaden my horizons in the field of finance. I have seen financial adversities and mismanagement of money because there is a huge lack of knowledge on handling finance in our society. People had become used to earning and spending, irrespective of saving and investing. There is also a lack of education in finance at our schools which make our children very less aware of the field. I would like to bring change in society to educate people about finance. I strongly believe that it can revolve around the lives of millions. Once I complete my master’s would like to join top firms in my country like tata consultancies, reliance, Wipro, etc. after that I would like to enter into the field of academics where I can educate people on finance. The program provided will help me to achieve both my short-term and long-term goals and also will help me to collaborate with the experts in the field.

Why This University?

Franklin University is awarded with specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). The internationally accredited course at a prestigious university at franklin will help me to be a part of the student community which enables me to grow and learn. The diversity at the university will also help me to improve myself as an individual.

Why the US?

I had researched a lot on various countries like the US, UK, and Canada but arrived at the conclusion to study in The US because of the living costs out there. It also emphasizes a practical-based education than a theoretical-based one. This is also a factor why I didn’t want to pursue my master’s in my homeland.

Plans After Master’s

After completing my course, I would like to join my family In India and be with them. I would like to contribute my knowledge and effort to the finance sector of my country as a financial consultant at top-notch firms like TATA consultancies which offers an annual salary package of 5 -6 lakhs for freshers. My intention to visit The United States is solely academic, and I do not have any professional interest in the nation. 


I have presented my situation clear to you. On scrutinizing the attached documents, you can assess my profile and come to your decision. I would request you take your decision in my favor so that I can pursue the advanced program in the United States. I am looking forward to studying the Master’s course in The United States.



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