SOP Sample for Canada

SOP Sample for Canada



The Visa Officer, 

High Commission of Canada 

Subject: Study Permit application

College: Fanshawe University, Toronto Campus, Canada

Program: THM1G – Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management

Respected Sir/Madam, 


I have applied to Fanshawe University, Toronto Campus, Canada, for the two years of Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management (Graduate Certificate program). I have already received my university admission letter to join the program on January 4, 20XX.

Educational and Professional Background 

I completed my secondary and higher secondary education from [ Board ] in 20XX and 20XX. After that, I completed my Bachelor of Management Studies degree from the [ University ] in 20XX. During my first degree program in Hotel Management, I attained a Grade XX under the Choice Based Credit and Semester System. After my graduation I completed the 3 months Industrial Exposure Training in Housekeeping and F & B Service from the Beka Club House Hotel in Delhi. After that I worked as a Trainee in the production department at Flame Villa Telangana from July 1, 20XX to December 31, 20XX. To fulfill my admission requirements I attempted my IELTS exam on 17-2-20XX. I attained an overall band score of XX (L-XX, R-XX, W-XX, S-XX) in the IELTS test. 

The Reasons for Choosing Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management for Studies

As a BSc hotel management graduate, I know all the hospitality industry’s basic functions, including food and beverage production and property and accommodation management. During the 3 years of my graduation, I was trained in hospitality management and had quite an exposure to the hotel industry. I have also gone through internship programs during the period of study. I realized I needed to expand my expertise to get a top position in the Indian hospitality industry. Therefore, I intended to choose a higher education programme to help me develop my skills using global hospitality and tourism operations standards and practices. The educational system in India places greater emphasis on academic learning than practical application. Unfortunately, none of India’s reputable educational institutions can compare to a foreign institution of higher learning. I decided to pursue higher education abroad to broaden my understanding of this sector and learn more about its administration and operations. I am confident that doing this program will help me beat the competition for a well-paying job at one of the top leading companies in my nation.

This is a two-year Graduate Certificate program in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management for graduates like me who want to work in the tourist and hospitality industry. The program will be centered on hospitality operations within a global economy by incorporating leadership, management, and operations of hospitality and tourism enterprises of all sizes and complexity. With a focus on Canadian tourism, I will get the business acumen necessary to manage the quick-paced international hotel industry during this two-year comprehensive graduate certificate program. The course consists of five semesters, one of which is a paid internship where I may put my knowledge to use. I will have the chance to network with business associates from hotels, eateries, and tourism organizations, and I will gain knowledge from business experts with a track record of strong leadership and relevant hospitality experience. I will be joined by partners from the tourism and hospitality industries in a vibrant learning environment at the London Downtown Campus, which is just a short distance from hotels and other lodging establishments. I will acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to operate in North American retirement homes, hotels, and restaurants. I will be equipped for managerial and first-line supervisory positions after graduation. 

Reasons for Choosing Canada for Studies

Canada is among the top contenders in terms of quality of education. The syllabus is much more advanced than in my home country. I have studied in my home country for many years, which restricted my thinking and opportunities. The quality of education is one of many factors that motivate me to apply to Canadian colleges. It delivers the best amenities to its students, and the facilities for international students are excellent. Internship programs, advanced courses, and real-world university experiences are well-known for instilling the necessary skills for a successful career. The dynamic environment and high-quality education in the institutions provide academic and practical knowledge to students. In Canada, multilingual and diverse cultures will help me develop professionally. I believe that I can expand my career to a global level because of the multiculturalism of this country. According to the 2020 stats, the country has been ranked No.1 in quality of life, no crime rate, and social purpose. 

Reasons for Choosing the Fanshaw College

Fanshawe College, founded in 1962, has a long history in education and offers more than 200 different programmes. It is the most sought-after educational destination for overseas students due to the availability of a variety of knowledgeable and creative teaching faculty. Each year, more than 100 different nations send students to Fanshawe College to live, learn, and work in Ontario, Canada. For various reasons, including the demonstrated dedication to student satisfaction and graduate employment, more than 6,500 international students select Fanshawe. Students who are enrolled full-time have access to various counselling services at the Counseling and Accessibility Services (Room F2010). Counsellors offer a private setting where I can inquire about any subject or circumstance and voice any worries I may have. It is one of Ontario’s major schools, serving almost half a million people with a pledge to educate, engage, empower, and inspire. Fanshawe also plays an essential role in offering chances for senior learners to re-skill and upgrade their skills by designing and delivering custom training for federally and provincially sponsored trainees, community organizations, sectoral training councils, and private sector employers in the business, health, industrial, and services sectors.

Career Prospects After Completing This Program

After my studies, I like to return to my home country as my family is staying here. I am emotionally attached to them and my return to India is inevitable. First I will  gain more experience in hospitality industry, after that, I have plans to start my own business. I got some ideas about a restaurant which serves most of the continental cuisines along with a high standard of service to the customers. I believe my dream restaurant will stand unique and expand as a chain of shops around India. This international degree will help me to make this idea to reality. After completing this program, I will have gained international experience, education, and exposure, as well as applied learning skills, along with critical life skills like communication, building relationships with others, and problem-solving ability, to launch my career in hospitality and tourism management in the Indian market so that I can start my restaurant. 

Financial Stability With Family Details

My family consists of XX members, including me. My father is a manager at QS Marketing, my mother is a housewife, and my sister works as a Lords Hospital. We have a annual income of ______ which will be used during my stay in Canada. My parents will take care of the expenses, and I have paid the tuition fees of XX CAD and the GIC of _____ to cover my living expenses. I have movable and immovable assets worth XX INR. I am confident these funds will help me incur my expenses during my studies. 


I urge the visa officer to seek my genuine interest in studying at Fanshawe University so that I can fulfil my dreams and goals in my life.


Harris Jocob

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