Sample SOP For UK

Sample SOP for UK


The United Kingdom is considered to be an academic hub for International students. Its multi-disciplinary culture had always attracted students from around the world. Their ranking in many International University leagues and low living cost in the country make it more convenient for higher education. So, to pursue this dream of getting into top-notch Universities in The United Kingdom, one needs to acquire a student visa. For this, an essay called a statement of purpose is important. Statement of purpose is a reflection of the real you, the aspirations, ambitions, work experience, background, etc, mainly the aspects that motivated you to pursue this decision to join that particular college. Here you can get an Insight into SOP for UK Universities.

Guidelines for SOP for UK Student Visa

Let us have a glance at the body of structure of the statement of purpose:

1. Introduction

  • Tell about yourself.
  • Mention your passport number.
  • State the purpose of the essay.
  • Write about the course, period of study, and university you would like to join.

2. A Brief Insight Into Your Personal and Academic Background.

  • Your economic and social background in your homeland.
  • Academic and professional background.
  • How does your experience back your course of study in the country?

3. About the Course

  • Information regarding the course you wanted to study.
  • How it helps to carve your career.
  • Your qualification to join the course.

4. What Particular Aspect of the University Do You Like?

  • Mention the course curriculum along with how it suits you.
  • Mention about student community and how you will fit in.
  • What fascinates you about the university?

5. Why the United Kingdom?

  • Why the UK and not your homeland?
  • Availability of the course in your homeland
  • Why not US, or Canada?

6. Career and Professional Goals

  • How do you love to see yourself after completing the course?
  • Write about your future professional or educational goals.

7. Skill Set

  • Include activities and interests that can describe your skillset required for that particular course. So, that the admission committee can realize that you have the right motivation to pursue the course.

8. Return to India

  • Mention the reasons for a comeback to your home country.

9. Conclusion

  • Additional information that supports your statement of purpose.
  • Thanking and acknowledging you will be on your best behavior while studying at the university.

Sample SOP for UK University

Growing up in an Indian culture that chants the slogan “Atithi Devo bhava” which means guest is god, I had always seen the excellent hosting skills around me. As our country is rich in festivals and known for its family culture and brotherhood, we always celebrate almost every festival from Onam to Christmas. My mother is the residential secretary, and I have seen her organizing several Indian festival gatherings in our area. Her organizing capabilities even at small family functions had always fascinated me. My dad runs a catering service center and used to take me and my brother on holidays to the weddings he is serving. I was always interested in assisting him with all his chores. More than that, hosting, managing, and organizing are always a part of Indian culture as we value our guests more than anything. So, coming from such a background, I didn’t find any other better courses to carry out my professional career other than a bachelor’s in hospitality and management.

I completed my schooling for 10th and 12th grade at holy family high school, Angamaly, and the National Institute of Open Schooling with a percentage of 83 and 64 respectively.  During my schooling, I was an active member of the reading club and organized several events.  I had got an opportunity to organize a book fair for a charity purpose where we were able to raise a fund for the education of 20 children. This was the first big event in my life, and I learned a lot from it. I got an opportunity to work with eminent personalities from various fields. After schooling, I worked under my Dad in his business where I get to carry out versatile events from marriages to community events. These experiences gave me an insight into hospitality and management and strongly paved my career path.

 I would like to pursue a bachelor’s in hospitality and management because it helps to develop myself as a creative, strategic, and entrepreneurial manager, as the industry demands. This course will enable me to identify and make the most of business opportunities and find creative solutions for problems. 

The University of Greenwich is the overall first in hospitality and management in London. The university provides practical learning other than classroom learning, which I found to be the biggest green flag.  Your experienced team of academics and professionals is adopting a method of teaching with the latest research-led insight. It will help us to be updated with the latest trends in the hospitality industry. The 3-year course curriculum of the university is designed in a way that will provide both professional and research-led knowledge. The diverse student community out there will also help me to evolve as a better Individual. I strongly believe that the environment at the university will helps in my overall development as a professional and an Individual.

I had researched a lot on various countries like the US, and Canada but arrived at the conclusion to study in The UK because of the living costs out there. It also emphasizes a practical-based education than a theoretical-based one. This is also a factor why I didn’t want to pursue my bachelor’s in my homeland.

After my course, I would like to come back to India and Join my family and be with them. As I mentioned, India is rich in culture, heritage, and diversity, and the scope in management and hospitality is huge due to its elevating tourist numbers every year. I would like to work under several famous hospitality managers like Tina Tharwani, whom I consider an Idol. after working for a while, I would like to continue my education for broadening my horizons in the field of hospitality and management. Later I look forward to building my own empire in this field. My intention to visit The United Kingdom is solely academic, and I do not have any professional interest in the nation. I would like to be back with my family after the completion of the course. 

I have presented my situation clearly to you. On scrutinizing the attached documents, you can assess my profile and come to your decision. I would request you take your decision in my favor so that I can pursue the advanced program in the United Kingdom. I am looking forward to studying the bachelor’s course in The United Kingdom.



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