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I always have had a concern for mother earth since my childhood itself. I am keen to observe environmental changes, and I feel that nature is suffering a lot from human activities. The aforesaid human activities have an extent from waste management to better resource allocation. However, the world leaders, understanding the issue’s importance, are starting to act through various policy changes at both international and national levels to protect the environment, and the role of environmental engineers on the ground is inevitable. Hence, I realised that being an environmental engineer would be better for me to act for the planet. I wish to introduce myself as Anu Kiran S from Kannur, Kerala, wanted to upgrade my knowledge in the field of environmental engineering from a reputed institution with global visibility. This strong desire led me to pursue MS in Environmental Engineering from Arizona University for January 20XX intake. With this written statement, I would like to elaborate on my academics, study interests, family background, career goals, and my plan to return to India after my studies.

I completed my 10th grade under XX  at Mount Carmel Convent Anglo- Indian Girls High School, XX, XX, Kerala, in 20XX and secured XX% marks. My 12th-grade (Indian School Certificates) studies were completed at Trinity Lyceum,XX, Kerala, in 20XX, secured XX%. I chose UKF College of Engineering and Technology, XX, to study Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering and secured a CGPA score of XX in 20XX. Along with my studies, I have completed various courses like Automatical Computer-Aided Design and NPTEL(MOOC). A project on “XXXX” was done as part of my curriculum. Apart from academics, I was an active member of XX, a community outreach program, and participated in and conducted webinars on sustainable environmental goals.

In researching the world’s educational systems, I found that the universities in the USA provide high-quality education. Numerous reasons made me select Arizona University for my higher studies. It is a student-centered university, repeatedly recognised for its outstanding academic program and exceptional value. The students can collaborate with leading faculties to solve critical problems and makes the world better through groundbreaking discoveries. The university prepares its students for the rapidly changing world through hands-on learning approaches. The landscape where Arizona University is located also offers rich culture. Over 40000 students are enrolled in the university, coming from more than 50 states and 100 countries. At Arizona University, I will have a great learning experience with the top-notch educational system with the leading faculties and research-oriented learning experience.

I choose MS in Environmental Engineering since I already have a love and interest in helping the planet, and my academic background and skills support me to pursue the course. Environmental Engineers have a significant role in protecting people from adverse environmental effects such as controlling pollution, improving the quality of the environment, waste disposal, public health, and water & air pollution control. As it is closely related to Civil Engineering and is a versatile field, it will help me to combine both subjects and become an Environmental Civil Engineer and ensure that buildings are being built safely and in a way that keeps their impact on the environment at its minimum. The hands-on lab experience and fieldwork as a part of the university’s curriculum will help me consider the social, economic, and environmental impact humanity has on natural systems and how to counter them with technological developments. A good career can only build above a firm foundation of education. I am sure that studying in a reputed institution will help me to build a promising research career with the guidance of expert faculty members. The internship programs will benefit me in building my career. Since there is an increase in the effects of adverse effects on the environment like pollution etc., in India, I am sure that this degree will improve my employment perspectives.

While planning for my higher studies, I aimed to find a perfect destination where I could fulfil my academic interests very well and learn in a real-time environment. In my country India, the educational system emphasises theory-oriented learning rather than practical knowledge. I researched different countries like the UK, Canada, and Germany. Even though these nations provide equal academic excellence, considering the living cost, weather conditions, safety factors, and other basic amenities, I choose the USA for my higher studies. Students from most countries prefer to study in the USA because of the multicultural environment, unique curricula, freedom and safety for international students, and multiple opportunities in various fields.

After completing the course, I am confident about getting a good-paying government job in my motherland. There is a rising demand for Environmental engineers in India. My short-term plan is to complete my studies with the best grades, finishing my project on time with good credentials. My long-term goal is to work in a research centre, NGO, or government department where I will get a chance to implement and update my knowledge.

After my studies, I will return to my home country as my family is staying here. I share a special bond with them, and I won’t be able to stay away from them for a long period. I focus on my responsibility as an environmental engineer and help to protect our planet in the best possible way by the application of the expert knowledge which I gained from my studies.

I urge the university team to seek my genuine interest in joining your university to attain my future goals.

Thanking you

Anu Kiran S            

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