SOP for university admission sample

Statement of Purpose


“Vision without action is merely a dream; 

action without mission is merely passing time;

But mission and action together can change the world.”

– Sudha Murthy

As the quote suggests, the vision, mission, and action in my life were always to create a mark in the field of international and human rights law. I, _____ from _____ would like to transform my vision into action by being a part of the graduate school of Geneva. I like to opt for LLM in international law as my major and human rights and environmental law as my minors. Studying at an internationally recognized university like the graduate school of geneva will help me to achieve my goals and aspirations. 

Being brought up in a middle-class family consisting of a father, mother, and brother in India, I wasn’t much aware of the career prospectus I have beyond being a doctor or an engineer. But I have always developed an Interest in reading, and social science especially constitutional studies, and civics. It was during my 12th grade, I came to know that there are more career opportunities in law other than litigation. Slowly, I started developing an interest in the field of law. But it was during my Internship period at various NGOs and human rights organizations that made me realized that its this field that I belonged to. 

I completed my schooling from __________ by securing a CGPA of 10 and 8.1 in my 10th and 12th grades respectively. During my course of study at the school, I used to actively participate in debates, elocution, Model United Nations(MUNs), and essay contests which made me interested in negotiation, public speaking, and research. Later I secured a rank of 65 in all Kerala law entrance examinations, which paved my path to the top law school in _________.  I completed my Graduation from there with a CGPA of  9. The college opened me to the vast world of Law, where I became more connected to the subject.

I did my first Internship at Ramon Magsaysay Award-winning organization called Goonj, which played a huge turning point in my life. I had got an opportunity to closely work with two of their major projects Green by Goonj and Not just a piece of clothing. Under these projects, I learned a lot about society at a grassroots level. The experience with Not just a piece of cloth, where we worked on menstrual hygiene management I understood how much period poverty our world goes through. We took menstrual hygiene lessons to the villagers including men and women, supplied menstrual pads for a low cost of five rupees, and took tuition for children. There I realized that being able to breathe, eat and have clean sanitation is itself a great blessing.

Then my Internship at the Red Rope movement where we visited sex workers at sonagachi, Kolkata as a part of the anti-human trafficking movement, it was a horrifying experience. The neglected community of people living in slums with no mere dignity and being thrown out like used garbage is really pathetic. The upliftment of such people is the need of an hour. Because everyone deserves dignity. Then my internships at Cry, HelpAge India, snehitha ( branch of kudumbashri- gender department under Kerala), UN India, national human rights commission, national woman commission, and prajjwala created that zest in me to learn more about the possibilities in law and create a rejuvenation in the lives of people.

I have skills and Interests in public speaking, research, negotiation, and mediation. As a part of this, I have participated in various mediation competitions, client consultations, trial advocacy, etc. My Articles on various human rights and international law-related topics were published on various websites and magazines.

My short-term goals are to become a communication specialist under the disasters and conflicts branch, ecosystem division of the united nations environmental program. My long-term goal is to build schools in local areas of my Country under the old age gurukul system for students from marginalized communities. My ultimate goal is to provide education and access to all professions without discrimination. I would like to ensure the quality of education in these schools. 

After taking a gap year period of 12 months to get more practical experience before pursuing a master’s. It helped me to cement my interest in International and human rights law. The reason to choose LLM in international and human rights law is to learn and research more on the subject from experienced faculty across the world. International law is a vast subject that should be analyzed and learned in detail. So, i is to broaden my horizons in the subject I chose LLM

I want to complete my post-graduation journey at the graduate school of geneva for three reasons. They are:

  • The influence the institution has on people and society to bring new change and aspirations.
  • The accomplishments that the institution garnered during the course of time are commendable and I’m sure, I will get to learn more and upgrade myself as an individual and society as a whole.
  • I strongly believe that the skills that I possess will effectively gel with the necessities, ethics, and functioning of the Institution.

My aspiration and goal are to work in the United Nations and serve the world as in whole. I would like to work at the grassroots level of society for the upliftment of people.  The reason to choose Geneva as my country of education is that it is a hub of International organizations where I get to learn more and experience the work out there. So, for someone who would like to work in this field, Geneva is an ideal place to do a master’s program and gain experience.

After my master’s program, I would like to come back to India because of my family being here. As my parents are aging, I would like to be there by their side. As I mentioned earlier about my long-term goals, I would like to create a base for them. And it is necessary for me to be in India.

I strongly believe that everyone in this world deserves to live a life with dignity and basic amenities. It should be distributed evenly.  I would like to cherish my interest in developing my skills in research, social development, leadership, and community management by being a part of your organization. So, as an individual who strives to make a mark in society with perseverance, smart work, consistency, effort, and ardent determination I would like to pursue my aim to accomplish my aspiration in social development and research and take it to next level of development.   



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