sample sop for new zealand student visa

Statement of Purpose for New Zealand Student Visa


New Zealand has always been a hub for overseas students. Are you someone who aspires to build their dreams in “the land of great contrast and diversity”? If you are interested in pursuing any graduate or post-graduate program from the universities of New Zealand, it is necessary to draft a compelling Statement of purpose that showcases your ideas, thoughts, and experiences. So, in this blog, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to write a statement of purpose and as an additional advantage, we will provide you with a sample sop for New Zealand student visa.

What Is a Statement of Purpose?

While applying for courses at universities worldwide, requires you to submit various essays other than your academic records to get qualified. One such essay is the statement of purpose. It is a professional manner to justify your aspiration to study that particular course at that particular university in a specific country. It supports your visa application and also helps you to get your educational permit. A perfect draft of a statement of purpose comprising professional language, the right choice of words, a precise tone, and an appealing presentation will enable your application to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Why a Statement of Purpose Is Necessary for New Zealand Student Visa?

Other than speaking about your professional aspirations and academic background, the Statement of purpose reflects your character and strengths. For that, a well-crafted statement of purpose should be submitted to support your profile before the selectors. You should be able to convey why you want to study in that country for that course and how it is going to benefit your future. A statement of purpose for New Zealand student visa is necessary for you to be granted an educational permit.

Things to Keep In Mind While Drafting the Statement of Purpose for New Zealand Student Visa

Here you will get an ideal checklist to be taken care of while drafting your statement of purpose. They are:

  • Always keep your curriculum vitae (CV) for reference.
  • Maintain a file of all the supporting documents you are going to provide with the SOP.
  • Mention all your expenses tuition fees, living expenses, and other expenses.
  • State your total family income per annum, savings, loan expected, amount of property, and other significant financial details for funds required to stay and study at New Zealand.

Be careful about all these aspects provided above before drafting your SOP. It will help you to save time and nothing will be left unattended.
Information To Be Included In Your Statement Of Purpose

  1. Introduction
  • Tell about yourself.
  • Mention your passport number.
  • State the purpose of the essay.
  • Write about the course, period of study, and university you would like to join.
  1. A brief insight into your personal and academic background.
  • Your economic and social background in your homeland.
  • Academic and professional background.
  • How does your experience back your course of study in the country?
  1. About the course
  • Details about the course you intend to study.
  • How it helps to carve your career.
  • Your qualification to join the course.
  1. What particular aspect of the university do you like?
  • Mention the course curriculum along with how it suits you.
  • Mention about student community and how you will fit in.
  • What fascinates you about the university?
  1. Why Newzealand?
  • Why New Zealand and not your homeland?
  • Availability of the course in your homeland
  • Why not US, UK, or Canada?
  1. Career and professional goals
  • How do you love to see yourself after completing the course?
  • Whether you would like to go for a job or continue with research after completing the course.
  1. Skill set
  • Include activities and interests that can give the admission committee insight into your profile and character so that they can understand that you have the right motivation to pursue the course.
  1. Return to India
  • Mention the reasons for a comeback to your home country.
  1. Conclusion
  • Additional information that supports your statement of purpose.
  • Thanking and acknowledging you will be on your best behavior while studying at the university.

Mistakes Students Make While Drafting An SOP For Student Visa For New Zealand

  1. Never start directly by speaking about the field of study in your visa SOP as you do in your university SOP.
  2. There is a huge difference between visa SOP (cover letter) and university admission SOP. 
  3. Both possess different purposes and therefore require different writing approaches.
  4. Avoid exaggerating more about your personal life.

SOP For University Admission Sample

“Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops. Neither should your dreams.”
                                               -Dwayne Johnson
These words by Dwayne johnson always motivated me throughout my life to acquire my ambitions even in the adversities life puts in. I would like to introduce myself as “x”, a resident of “Y” a native place in India. My innate passion and Interest in the field of creative technology had always drawn me toward it and helped me to develop my professional front significantly. After pursuing various bachelor’s and diploma courses in this field I would like to broaden my horizons by pursuing my master’s degree in creative technology from the prestigious Auckland university of technology, Newzealand.

Family, academic, and Professional Background
Belonging to an educationally supportive background which consists of a father, who is an accountant, a mother, who is an entrepreneur, and an elder sister who is pursuing her Ph.D. in neuroscience has always been my inspiration to live my dreams. I always had a passion for the field of computing, design, art, and the humanities. After completing my secondary and higher secondary education at amrita Vidyalaya, Thrissur, and vivekodayam boys higher secondary school, Thrissur with a CGPA of 8 and 9 respectively, I pursued my aspiration in visual communication by doing my bachelors from DR. GRD college of science, Coimbatore. From there I worked on various projects related to graphic design, video editing, digital marketing, and content creation. Later, to learn more and research my niche, I joined for PDP 3D animation and VFX diploma course from the prestigious ZEE institute of creative arts, Bangalore where I learned about motion graphics which opened the wide arena of logo introduction, title design and motion design and 3D modeling which help to develop character and product models. My aspiration in this field led me to work in several organizations that helped me to garner my skills in adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe animate, Autodesk Maya, and foundry nuke. 

Reason for doing master’s
After pursuing my graduation and working in this field of technology for a while I have been able to create an innate space in my area of interest and am also aware of the value of an internationally accredited course. In the coming years, I look forward to collaborating with experts in this field and widening my knowledge and expertise in creative technology. This program will eventually prepare me for a futuristic career because the course uses new technology and creativity to solve the challenges of our time and teach us to think outside the box. It will enable me to learn about the application of technology to transform industries and businesses for the betterment of society. So, I would like to pursue this advanced master’s program in creative technology at Auckland university.

Why Newzealand, Not India, US, or the UK
I had researched a lot from several blogs and reviews regarding the academic Infrastructure of Newzealand. One thing I found different from India is that here it majorly focuses on practical knowledge than theory-based education.  And I would like to follow a more practical method than the latter. The course structure is similar in US and Uk that in Newzealand. But considering the geographical proximity from Newzealand to India, inclusiveness, student culture, and dynamic academic infrastructure for the aspirants, I found Newzealand to be more suitable for my education.

Why Auckland University?
Auckland university is one of the world’s best modern universities with a times higher education ranking among the top 40 universities under the age of 50 with premium teaching, employability, research, internationalization, innovation, and inclusivity is an ideal platform to learn and be a pioneer of my further education. The university provides a well-structured student hub that will provide the comfort of a home away from home.

Your Plan After The Program
After completing my course, I would like to join my family In India and be with them. I would like to contribute my knowledge and effort to the technology sector of my country. My intention to visit New Zealand is solely academic, and I do not have any professional interest in the nation. I need to return to my family, who would need me back at home.

How Will You Fund Your Education And Other Expenses?
I have carefully analyzed the financial requirements to study at Auckland University, Newzealand. I had allotted funds for my education, lodging, and other living expenses in the country. We own our property in Thrissur, India which costs 25 lakhs rupees and have also taken a bank loan to further fund my expenses.

I have presented my situation clear to you. On scrutinizing the attached documents, you can assess my profile and come to your decision. I would request you take your decision in my favor so that I can pursue the advanced program in New Zealand. I promise to respect the visa norms, and would not overstay in the country once the course is over. The course will take me closer to my career goals. I am looking forward to studying the Master’s course in New Zealand.

The competition to acquire seats at universities of Newzealand is getting more stringent day by day. To stand out from fellow applicants and pave your way to your dreams, it is necessary to draft a perfect SOP. here in the above article, you will get to know all the details regarding the SOP.

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