SOP Sample for Canada Visa After Refusal

Sample SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal


Name: Albin Stephan

College: Selkirk College, Canada

Program: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGBM)


The Visa Officer

The High Commission of Canada

New Delhi


Dear Madam/Sir,

Subject: Statement of Purpose Resubmission in Compliance with Canada Student Visa Application Requirements 

I am Albin Stephan from Kerala, India, and my passport number is U*******. I have decided to pursue higher education abroad at this point in my career to succeed in my field and to establish myself as a trailblazing person. After extensive, effective brainstorming, analysis, background work, and research, I have decided to enroll in the full-time Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGBM) program offered by Selkirk College, Canada. The college has sent me an acceptance letter. 

I would consider it my moral responsibility to state that the kind visa officer refused my first attempt to obtain a study visa to Canada on the following grounds.

• Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of: your qualifications, previous studies, missing mark sheets, academic record, level of establishment, language abilities, financial ability, and/or your future prospects and plans.

However, despite my best endeavors, I was unsuccessful in getting a study visa for the second time a reason listed below, according to the visa officer:

● The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay, given the details you have provided in your application. 

My purpose in visiting Canada is to upgrade my education in Business Management with international exposure, which will increase my communication abilities and make me analytical with decision-making skills. Having worked as a manager in a firm, I realized that procuring a managerial position in a reputed firm needs advanced knowledge and skills that I can gain through an international college or university. I compared different countries to conclude that Canada is the best for my education. 

08/20XXTill dateDDJ CompanyManager
08/20XX08/20XXDDJ CompanyAssistant Manager
06/20XX11/20XXInventory ClerkCertification
06/20XX03/20XXBCom- Finance and Taxation Christ College Bachelors Degree

My Academic and Professional Background

I completed my 10th from XX School in 20XX and 12th from XX HSS Upputhara in 20XX. After that, I completed my undergraduate studies in BCom- Finance and Taxation from Christ College in 20XX and the Inventrorty Clerk in 20XX. After that, I started working as an assistant manager at DDJ Company from August 20XX till 20XX. After leaving this job, I applied for a study permit for May 20XX, received a refusal on May 31. I reapplied for the study visa on July 22 and rejoined the previous company as manager on August 20XX. I am still working here. For my August 20XX request I got refusal on November 15. For my English Proficiency, I attempted IELTS and secured an overall score of 6.5 with individual scores in Listening- 6.5, Reading- 6.5, Writing- 6.5, and Speaking-6.5. 

Why Did I Pursue a Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDM) Program?

I completed my graduation in finance and taxation because these are two critical parts of an organization, along with business management studies, and I loved these subjects. I attained good knowledge in finance and tax during my studies and wanted to join a finance organization. I started searching for jobs in naukri, monster and indeed. I felt that majority of companies seek candidates who have specialized knowledge in this niche along with some experience. Without wasting much time I completed my certification as an inventory clerk because I wanted to get some experience in the firm, and I joined as an assistant manager in the firm. I worked there for three years and gained enough experience in business-related tasks, but I have yet to come across any growth in my career during that tenure, and I wanted to join a firm that is into finance and taxation work. I realized that I should upgrade my studies from a reputed college in the same niche because, with advanced knowledge, I will get a good-paying manager job in this sector. After resigning from this job, I decided to upgrade my studies at a Canadian college, but it was rejected twice for some specific reasons. After that, I rejoined my previous firm as manager, but still, I felt the need to get qualitative education from a prestigious college, which is why I chose this program for my studies. With 36 credits from the mandatory courses and 24 credits from the elective courses, I should accomplish 60 credits. Some of its course modules include Commercial Law, Marketing, Retail Management, Project Management, Business Mathematics, Business Communication, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Principles of Micro and Macro Economics, and Principles of Organizational Behavior. The modules I learn from this college will help me gain a well-paying job in my home country. After completing this program, I will first focus on gaining experience from the finance firm and then I will launch my own finance consultancy in my home town.

Reasons for Choosing the Selkirk College

Selkirk College is dedicated to embracing and assisting students from all over the world. It is a “home away from home.”. I’ll get the chance to get to know some wonderful people, including new friends, teachers, and fellow students. Enjoy fun snowboarding, hiking, swimming, or simply lounging on the beach. Selkirk College is situated in the stunning Kootenay region, surrounded by nature. It is a public post-secondary community college founded in 1966 and provided a wide range of career, English language, and college transfer programs tailored to my success. Outstanding education is provided here, focusing on contemporary societal demands, employable skills, and cutting-edge technology. The following admirable qualities that convinced me to invest in Selkirk include programs like “Gathering Place,” which supports various cultures, cheap program rates compared to the rest of the Canadian institutions, and a more welcoming environment. The connections I make here and the training I get will help me achieve new things in India when I start working there.

Incentives to Return to India and Career Plans.

I intend to return to India after the program is over. I will have an advantage over the competition because I will have a Canadian degree on my résumé. I aspire to grow into an irreplaceable addition to whatever organization I work for, adding value and improving the work process thanks to my worldwide education, subject matter expertise, and honed interpersonal skills. As a result of the career-oriented nature of Canadian education and the training provided by the programs to deal with real-world issues, I will have no trouble snatching up work possibilities in this field. I believe that having a Canadian degree will provide me with the best opportunity to advance in my career and succeed in this field. Financial companies are booming at a fast pace due to the inflation in the cash flow directly related to the inflation in offering loans and credits to emerging firms and agricultural businesses. The investments in infrastructure and transportation all lead to the expansion of law firms. My short-term goal is to work as a manager at Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited, HDB Financial Services, and Aditya Birla Finance Ltd. After getting enough experience from these companies, I would like to launch my financial consultancy in my own home country, focused on helping normal people who want to launch their businesses or firms. I will also serve companies while giving audit and taxation help to companies while dealing with their financial issues. 

Family Details and Financial Details

I’ve established my home in Kerala, India, with my family. My mother, Mary, works as a teacher and runs our family business. My sister Anna Stephan, a staff nurse, my wife Susan Joy, an IT professional, and our one-year-old daughter Aira Albin make up my family. After my father’s death, my mother raised us, and my wife took care of my mother after my marriage. Being an independent woman, she is running a firm, but now she is getting old and needs assistance to take care of her health. My wife and kid expect me to return home after the course, and I won’t be able to stay away from them for a long time.

I have some future goals attached to this country focused on launching my own firm. I have already paid the tuition fees of XX CAD and the GIC of XX CAD. My mother will be providing financial assistance for my Canadian program and stay by signing a notarized declaration on my family’s behalf. The documents I’ve included will further demonstrate my financial eligibility because my family holds assets worth XX CAD. 


I want to study at this college because my future dreams are directly related to the study of this program. My upgradation is necessary to fulfill my dreams and assist my family financially and emotionally. I request the visa officer consider my application and provide me with a study visa. I’ll follow all the guidelines established by the Canadian government and arrive back in India on schedule.

Thanks and Regards,

Albin Stephan

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