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Statement of Purpose for UK Universities| MA in Education| University of Greenwich


The famous quote by Arne Duncan says, “Wherever you find something extraordinary, you will find the fingerprints of a great teacher.” No one can ever forget a meaningful teacher who had an impact on their life. Likewise, I also had an inspiring teacher in my life who always left an imprint on my life. I had a great liking for my maths teacher, who taught me the basics of my mathematics during my school days. Her ability to guide students, the approaches she followed for a better understanding of the students, her patience, her sense of justice, and her fairness all attracted me. She was the only person who sowed the grains of mathematics in me. My passion for the subject and her inspiration made me choose a career as none other than a teacher. I am Ankita Kumar, residing in Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. I am a genuine and passionate student who wants to pursue an MA in Education from the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom.

Coming to my academics, I completed my 10th grade from *****, *****, Kerala and scored 90% in 2011. For my plus two studies, I selected the Science stream and joined the Government Higher Secondary School, *****, Kerala in 2013 and scored 90%. My deep passion for mathematics made me choose BSc Mathematics for my undergraduate studies. I joined Bharata Mata College, ***** under ***** University and completed the course in 2016 with 70% marks. After my undergraduate studies, I joined Grace Builders & Designers as billing staff in September 2016 and worked there until June 2019. Then I joined Nirmala Training College affiliated with ***** University, to pursue my Bachelor of Education, which is a mandatory qualification for becoming a teacher, and I completed the course in 2021 with 80% marks. During the BEd Training programme, as a part of the curriculum for gaining teaching practice, I worked at ***** ***** as a student teacher from September 2020 to December 2020. During this programme,  skills in different teaching and learning methods are gained. The improvement in my soft skills, such as counselling and communication, to meet the needs of the individual demands of the students and guide them properly was also developed. My teaching practice experience during my BEd training curriculum made me realise that just a bachelor’s degree is not enough to make a real difference in a fast-growing industry like education. Pursuing a master’s in education will help me to turn my vision into reality by providing feedback to teachers and making suggestions on how I can create a stimulating learning environment for students. It will also give me access to higher-paying jobs in the field of education, as it is one of the most stable jobs. I chose to pursue the MA in Education at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom because I felt that a degree of this kind should come from a reputable university with international recognition.

The Master’s in Education is the perfect career for anyone who is passionate about pursuing careers in education and who is currently in the teaching field, proving that I am a genuine candidate for enrollment in this programme. It is a professionally developed programme based on research that offers thorough and integrated professional development in the area of educational management. After completing the course, I will be able to develop and put into practice theories related to education that will help the system as a whole become more competent and effective. My course can be customised according to my interests in various specialities, including leadership and management, special educational needs, youth and community, early years, international, and higher education, thanks to the curriculum. Additionally, I have the option to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning, which will let me use my prior education and experience toward meeting the entry requirements and exempt myself from taking any courses that would directly contradict my current awards. The curriculum gives me the chance to have open discussions with the students while inspiring insightful reflection and fostering positive relationships. 

Extensive and deep research led me to choose the University of Greenwich for my MA in Education studies in the United Kingdom. The historic university is renowned for its excellence in academics, with the presence of award-winning teaching faculties with their exceptional teaching methods, making it outstanding. The students from most parts of the world can be seen here, providing me with a multicultural environment with high student satisfaction. The students are also provided great opportunities to show their excellence. The university provides well-developed infrastructural facilities with the latest technologies that will provide me with the best learning experience. The programmes offered here are recognised all over the world as providing very high-quality, world-leading research. They also support on-campus and off-campus accommodation facilities for students with an exceptional student support system, social opportunities, and transport facilities.

It was a wise decision on my part to choose a foreign country for my studies. Various reasons made me choose the UK over other countries. The United Kingdom is an education hub with a strong reputation for first-class higher education and training with high-quality staff and excellent research facilities. The country offers a wide range of flexible programmes at different educational levels, with affordable educational fees and living expenses. The educational system here is completely different from that of India, which gives importance to theory-oriented knowledge only. Studying here will also provide me with better and higher-paying jobs in India. The courses in the United Kingdom give emphasis practical-oriented knowledge, providing an opportunity to work in the same industry of study during the internship training. My English language skills will also be developed during the study.  

After the completion of the course, I plan to return to India because I share a special bond with my husband and family members and cannot stay away from them for a long period of time. After returning to India, I would like to work as a special educator, educational counsellor, or policy analyst in any reputed institution. My lifetime goal is to earn a government job in any of the sectors mentioned above. I am sure that I will develop as a potential graduate who can utilise the knowledge and skills that I gained from this programme for the development of the education system in my country.

I would be grateful if you chose me for a position at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, which will allow me to further develop my teaching and learning skills. I’m hoping that the admissions committee will recognise my qualifications and give me the opportunity to study at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom. 

I hereby declare that all the information mentioned here is true to the best of my knowledge. I will abide by the rules and regulations of the UK government.

Ankita Kumar.

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